Buffalo Wing Rub

Buffalo Wing Rub
Buffalo Wing Rub
Buffalo Wing Rub Buffalo Wing Rub
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We have had numerous requests for a quick and easy buffalo wing recipe and have tested this one thoroughly in our kitchen. As we prefer healthier eating habits we like to bake our wings in the oven instead of deep frying them and this one is perfect for this style of cooking.

A quick and easy buffalo wing recipe - take 2 lbs of chicken wings and cut off the wing tips. Cut the wings at the joint for two separate pieces. Use 4-6 tablespoons of wing seasoning and evenly coat both sides of all the wings. Be sure to work the mixture into the meat with your hands. Place the wings in several large ziplock bags and refrigerate for 2-4 hours (the longer you refrigerate the more the seasoning works it way all the way through the meat).

Place the wings on a broiler pan rank and cook 5-6 inches from the heat for 9-10 minutes per side or until the chicken is cooked all the way through (no longer pink). Remove the chicken wings from the oven and sprinkle a bit more seasoning on for additional flavor.

We have also had success using our Buffalo Wing Rub on Cauliflower Buffalo Wings.

This Buffalo style dry rub has a nice balance of sweet from the brown sugar with some subtle nuanced heat from the chili powder, smoked paprika and habanero.

For a quick dip mix 1/2 cup low fat sour cream, 1/2 cup low fat mayo, 2/3 cup of crumbled blue cheese and 1 tablespoon of white wine. Vegetables are optional.

Blended from brownulated sugar, garlic, sea salt, onion, paprika, mustard powder, cumin, black pepper, habanero powder, ancho powder, and guajillo powder.

For some other out-of-the-ordinary wing seasonings try these favorites - Spicy Cajun Seasoning, Texas Chicken Rub and Manzanillo Mexican Seasoning that are all sure to please.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 tsp

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% Daily Value*

Total Fat0g0%

Saturated Fat0g0%

Trans Fat0g

Polyunsaturated Fat0g

Monounsaturated Fat0g



Total Carbohydrate2.5g1%

Dietary Fiber0.2g1%

Total Sugars1.8g

Added Sugars0g0%

Sugar Alcohol0.0g


Vitamin D0mcg0%




*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. These values were calculated and therefore are approximate. For more accuracy, testing is advised.

4.5 out of 5
16 total ratings.

kristen h. (Verified buyer) 04/19/2022
Just as good as when Just as good as when I made it

Michael S. (Verified buyer) 03/10/2022
Buffalo Wing Rub, not just for wings! This rub is really full of flavor! We use it on oven baked wings and grilled wing as well. The smokiness really comes out when you rub the wings and let them set in the icebox overnight. Last week we rubbed a whole chicken with the Buffalo Wing Rub before roasting it. It was a really nice change. I highly recommend this spice!

Dean W. (Verified buyer) 07/04/2021
Very good Just great, very nice seasoning .

Daniel H. (Verified buyer) 05/24/2021
Wing Rub Great Rub for more than just wings !!

Albert S. (Verified buyer) 05/04/2021
Wing rub Works good on chicken wings or any other part ,Turkeys too.

Ron B. (Verified buyer) 11/17/2020
This is great. I love this spice and haven’t tried one from this company that I didn’t love. I generally use the same amount as I would with the store brands and just enjoy all of the better flavors.

Adaai C. (Verified buyer) 06/08/2020
Nice Rub Pretty great rub to have in the cabinet I have quite a few customers that love this item. More of a sweet heat than a buffalo blend in my opinion but it is a great addition to the inventory.

Anonymous (Verified buyer) 05/06/2017
Buffalo Wing Rub Loved it. Son loves buffalo wings and said it was one of the best rubs he's had, not too tame not too hot. He ate a bunch. Kudos.

Wayne (Verified buyer) 05/12/2015
Buffalo Wing Rub I make chicken wings at least once per week. This gives heat with the sweetness of the honey. Great combination of spices

Craig (Verified buyer) 10/25/2012
Buffalo Wing Rub Hot but perfect for me , can't watch the Pat's game with out the wings
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