Green Thai Curry Powder

Green Thai Curry Powder
Green Thai Curry Powder
Green Thai Curry Powder Green Thai Curry Powder
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Our Green Thai Curry Powder is fragrance-forward, loaded with the vibrant, almost musky perfume of makrut lime leaves with a tickle of lemongrass. At first glance the flavor is sweet; we use mild green chiles in this blend and their gentle flavor emerges first, heightened by a pungent boost of garlic and shallots. Then galangal’s peppery sharpness comes in, playing in conjunction with earthy cumin and the clean heat of white pepper. Coriander gives its herbaceous citrus, while the tang of tamari powder comes in for a funky finish. We blend our Green Thai Curry Powder in small batches in our facility to preserve freshness and flavor.

Green curry is often, mistakenly, considered to be a milder version of Thai red curry, since it’s not made with fiery red peppers. In the Thai language green curry is called kaeng khiao wan; this does mean “sweet green curry,” but in context, it was named only for delicate green color, with no reference to heat levels. Traditionally this dish is just as hot as any other curry, with chefs opting for unripened Thai bird chiles instead of ripe, red ones. As Thai chefs have catered to western palates that are unused to high levels of spice, they tempered their blends by using milder chiles at the start or by adding sugar to the base during cooking, which can tone down heat. We chose to make this blend on the mild side, which gives our customers the opportunity to spice this up as much or as little as they would like.


Tips From Our Kitchen


Combine this blend with coconut milk to make Thai Green Curry Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. It’s perfect to use on the more delicate meats like chicken, shrimp, or white fish. You can also try it on Chicken Fried Rice or Asian-styled fish tacos. Mix with oil to make a paste; put that in the bottom of a mixing bowl and stir in pasta for Thai pesto. Thin the paste out with vinegar for a dressing and drizzle over a crunchy plate of fennel and radishes for an easy salad. Toss on asparagus and roast, or toss over sweeter greens like spinach or beet greens—stay away from pungent greens, like escarole—and sauté. Experiment with a fresh twist on spice cookies during your holiday baking, or toss over peaches or pineapple and grill, served with some finely shredded fresh mint.

Our Green Thai Curry Powder is blended from New Mexico chile, garlic, sea salt, galangal, shallots, coriander, white pepper, cumin, lemongrass, makrut lime, and soy sauce.


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3 out of 5
6 total ratings.

Jean P. (Verified buyer) 12/15/2020
Heavenly curry! Since I am too lazy to blend my own spices, I love having this jar to reach for when the mood for a green thai curry (and I add a bit of coconut milk) strikes me! Soooo good!

Kenneth T. (Verified buyer) 11/07/2019
Nice Spice! Fresh light curry

Vy Q. (Verified buyer) 11/19/2020
Aroma not there when it’s Aroma not there when it’s cooking

DAVID P. (Verified buyer) 09/01/2021
Next to tasteless, a real Next to tasteless, a real disappointment

Jon D. (Verified buyer) 05/14/2021
Green Thai Curry Unfortunately this Green Thai Curry powder has additives such as Maltodexttrin and Silcone Dioxide so I will not use it. To bad as it tastes good and would be fine without theses additives. I am not happy with this product.

Rebecca L. 06/06/2020
Delicious! Great for the whole family The whole family really enjoyed this mix! Our 6-year-old daughter generally doesn't like spicy, and she loved this. There's no heat to it, but there is a ton of amazing flavor. We put it on lamb chops I realized it didn't have quite enough salt, so the next time we did chicken legs and I added a little bit of salt andstill could have used a little bit more. But I find this a really good thing because my father-in-law just had a heart attack and needs low salt dishes. So, I feel okay about using this if they happen to stay for dinner.