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Pollo Asado

Pollo Asado
Pollo Asado
Pollo Asado Pollo Asado

Pollo Asado

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Now, I have to say that I am completely biased on this blend and have been testing and tweaking it for a while until I felt that I had it just right. Before I get into the blend I have to share the back story a bit. If you've haven't read our about us page you may not know that we consider our company Spices Inc to be our third act. The second act was Penny and I working for various catalog and internet companies across the country. The 1st act was in the restaurant business (again all across the country) that included stops at 7 different restaurant companies. One of the companies that I worked for (they had my favorite type of food by far) was a little regional chicken chain based out of Phoenix called El Pollo Asado (not to be confused with El Pollo Loco out of California). El Pollo Asado specialized in Mexican-style grilled chicken.


What is Pollo Asado?

Many of the world's ethnic cuisines have their own take on grilled chicken and how to make it somewhat unique for their region of the world. Latin America weighs in on this with their pollo asados which include three leading contenders - Cuban, Mexican and Peruvian and there of course are even some subtle variations within each of these depending on a family's flavor preferences.

Pollo asado translates to "roasted chicken". Asado is generally considered a cooking technique of open-fire style (or grilling) of cooking meat that uses hardwoods and seasonings for flavor. I think that many of our chicken seasoning blends stand well on their own when used as a dry rub. For the Pollo Asado blend (since I worked for several years in the restaurant) I wanted to develop this one more as a marinade to get the full flavor effect. I am pretty much addicted to this style of chicken. It's incredibly flavorful, moist and succulent. You can eat this grilled or roasted chicken by itself or really go all out and slice them thin and then wrap these in homemade corn tortillas (or store bought wheat tortillas if you prefer) with some made from scratch pico de gallo, salsa or salsa verde - simply amazing!

This Mexican chicken seasoning balances perfectly with the citrus juice and this combination is the secret to this pollo asado marinade. While I of course prefer to use fresh limes, lemons and oranges whenever possible, I've also used lime, lemon and orange juices (preferably not from concentrate). I like to marinate the chicken for at least 4 hours (if just doing skinless, boneless chicken breasts) and I've marinated for up to 24 hours (especially if using whole chickens with the skin). The acid from the lime, lemon and oranges tenderizes the chicken and the natural sugar from the juices also helps create an amazing caramelized effect that just locks in the flavor. The sugar from the fruit also helps visually as it makes the signature grill marks very noticeable.


What's In It?

Hand blended from ancho, lemon zest, lime zest, garlic, orange zest, cumin, clove, Ceylon cinnamon and Mexican oregano.


Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of our Pollo Asado seasoning is citrusy (this is much more pronounced when used in the marinade) with earthy undertones from the ancho and cumin and hints of sweetness. 


Helpful Hints

To marinate 3 lbs of chicken use 1/2 cup of lime (or 2 fresh limes), lemon (2 fresh lemons) and orange (1 medium to large orange) fresh squeezed juice, 1/4 cup of vinegar (apple cider vinegar is more common in Mexican cuisine), and 1/4 cup of Pollo Asado seasoning. Add all these ingredients to your blender and mix thoroughly. Pour the marinade over the chicken (I like to use a zip lock style bag to full submerge the chicken) and then place in the refrigerator for the allotted time.

When I worked for El Pollo Asado we would marinade chickens (cut in half) in a very similar marinade for up to 24 hours and then cook the 1/2 chickens on the grill before cutting them up and serving with tortillas and a variety of sides.

If you're a fan of Mexican cuisine then you may be interested in our Barbacoa Rub and Yucatan Recado Rojo, and if you're a fan of Latin American style chicken marinade seasonings then check out our Bahamian Chicken.


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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 tsp

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% Daily Value*

Total Fat0g0%

Saturated Fat0g0%

Trans Fat0g

Polyunsaturated Fat0g

Monounsaturated Fat0g



Total Carbohydrate2.3g1%

Dietary Fiber1.2g5%

Total Sugars0.1g

Added Sugars0g0%

Sugar Alcohol0.0g


Vitamin D0mcg0%




*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. These values were calculated and therefore are approximate. For more

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Eleanor G. (Verified buyer) 10/10/2018
Pollo Asado Loved it. Put it in a bag with olive oil, chopped fresh garlic, cumin, salt and pepper and a little orange juice. Put chicken in the bag and marinated for 4 hours and put on the grill. It was fantastic.

roland (Verified buyer) 01/31/2018
Pollo Asado Yucatan, Recado Rojo Pollo Asado, and Adobo, with roasted chicken, baked chicken and even fresh made bread, cheese and seasonings. The Pollo Asado was great! The cumin, Cinnamon with citrus overtones. I haven't tried it with a fajita beef yet, but it's on the list. My thought is that others may have overused it (?) because any spice can be too much at times (even salt and pepper). I'd recommend it especially if you'd normally have a margarita (i.e. other flavors with lime). Still my favorite of the four would be the Manzanillo.

Anonymous (Verified buyer) 03/03/2015
Pollo Asado Chicken and pork work really well either grilled or marinaded as suggested. The citrus in this is not over powering and I love this as a dry rub for the grill but it also works great with the marinade. Just marinade the chicken/pork in a ziplock bag overnight and then pour it all in a crock pot the next morning with a can of tomato paste and salt to taste and serve over rice for supper.

Anonymous (Verified buyer) 05/05/2017
Pollo Asado Yuck. Really really bad verging on inedible. Overwhelmingly heavy bitter flavor with a very subtle hint of lime. Just not right. The flavor profile is quite off at least for TexMex. I prepared it as written, 24 hour marinade, then grilled over mesquite charcoal, hot side/cold side and served to 4 other non-family Texans. It was so bad we tossed the chickens and the remaining 1lb bag of this seasoning in the garbage and went to a restaurant. If you are looking for Pollo al Carbon look somewhere else. This definitely isn't it.