Project 101
Project 101

What is Project 101?

At Spices Inc. we aim to educate, inspire, and entertain our customers. Food is an interesting medium that has a lot more to offer than simply keeping you alive. Learning about spices will help you become a more thoughtful cook but also a more thoughtful consumer. Eating good food with delicious flavors not only improves your mood but also improves your health. Spices have long been used to influence the body and help it function properly.

Each herb and spice, though small, has a big story that needs to be told. Many of these herbs and spices have had an enormous influence and a heavy hand on historical events. While it would be nearly impossible to talk about every single spice on the face of the earth, we are determined to gather as much information on as many herbs and spices that we can. Presented with easily digestible information, our 101 posts are written to accomplish all three of our goals and keep you coming back for more.

For Project 101, we want to dive deep into some of the most common and popular spices across the globe. Keep a look out for updates and new 101 posts below.


How Do We Research?


We want our 101 series to be extremely accurate and informative. We spend a great number of hours researching everything from scientific articles to textbooks and blogs, journals, anecdotal evidence, and silly stories all the same. Knowledge comes from many a strange place, so it is important that we explore all avenues, cross reference and double check before we present something to you as fact. Sometimes, the most interesting facts can be found by researching a blog written by someone who lives somewhere that a plant is indigenous to, that might not be common knowledge elsewhere in the world. This tidbit may then be confirmed several times over by scientific articles or published books that come from all over the world. This dedication to high quality research comes to you from dedicated writers who love nothing more than studying and writing.


Spices 101


In this section of Project 101, you will discover some of the spices we are so passionate about. With such a long and interesting history, spices deserve way more attention than they could possible get from a grocery store shelf. It is worth it to look into what you are eating! Black pepper used to be currency, after all. Bet you didn't know that! Become more aware of the history and learn more about the different varieties of each spice through the links below. Check back frequently for updates and for information on new spices!

Peppercorns 101

Paprika 101

Cardamom 101

Mustard 101

Vanilla 101


Herbs 101


In this section, we cover herbs that you may or may not have heard of. This includes a guide on how you can get the most out of your dried herbs- something many cooks have yet to master! Herbs are the quiet champions of the kitchen- often falling to the wayside, yet providing some of the most memorable flavors of a dish. Herbs deserve more attention and more cabinet space and we hope to sway you to feel the same way!

Spice Cabinet 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Dried Herbs