The Mediterranean region is made up of 21 various countries that surround the Mediterranean sea. While many in this country think that this zone is only made up of some of the region's European members, specifically Spain, France, Italy and Greece, in actuality it also includes countries from two other continents -- Asia (including Turkey and Syria) and Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt). So naturally the spices and seasonings used to flavor the food from this eclectic area are also going to be quite diverse.

For the last 30 years or so Americans have been told the spiel of how healthy the Mediterranean diet is but it's been dummied down into consume more fish, olive oil and red wine and eat less red meat. The reality is that this simplistic version has veered a bit off its original course.  There is absolutely some scientific research on this but it is based on the diets of 7 countries back in the 1950's that showed people from the island of Crete had lower instances of cardio vascular disease, various forms of cancer and had a longer life expectancy (many living to more than 100 years old).

These are some of the most interesting and flavorful spices and seasonings found in the Mediterranean. 


Price: $4.19
Citrus Seasoning
Price: $4.54
Cracked Black Pepper
Price: $5.76
Cracked Fennel
Price: $4.19
Cracked Rosemary
Price: $4.71
Crushed Maras Pepper
Price: $7.04
Dried Spearmint Leaves
Price: $5.25
Cumin Seed
Price: $4.71
Dried Chives
Price: $3.78
Dried Cilantro
Price: $4.04
Dried Nora Chiles
Price: $9.40
Dried Peperoncino Chiles
Price: $21.99
Fennel Seed
Price: $3.14
Fenugreek Seed
Price: $4.11
Fines Herbes
Price: $3.32
French Tarragon
Price: $4.71
Garam Masala
Price: $6.96
Garlic Herb Seasoning
Price: $5.84
Ground Cardamom
Price: $11.01
Ground Cloves
Price: $7.65
Ground Cumin
Price: $5.55
Ground Fennel
Price: $4.19
Ground Fenugreek
Price: $4.10
Ground Mace
Price: $8.73
Ground White Pepper
Price: $6.29
Gyro Seasoning
Regular Price: $6.18
On Sale For: $5.56
Harissa Spice
Price: $7.09
Herbs de Provence
Price: $4.55
Iranian Saffron
Price: $8.98
Italian Seasoning
Price: $4.25
Juniper Berries
Price: $5.41
Lemon Pepper
Price: $5.44
Lime Pepper
Price: $6.96
Marjoram Leaf
Price: $2.26
Mediterranean Dry Rub
Price: $5.22
Mediterranean Oregano
Price: $3.66
Naples Seasoning
Price: $4.90
Nigella Sativa
Price: $4.62
Organic Anise Seeds
Price: $5.24
Organic Bay Leaves
Price: $7.57
Parsley Flakes
Price: $2.78
Quatre epices
Price: $6.88
Roasted Garlic Pepper
Price: $6.79
Rubbed Sage
Price: $3.66
Sage Leaf Cut and Sifted
Price: $5.78
Smoked Paprika (Sweet)
Price: $6.81
Summer Savory
Price: $4.71
Sweet Basil
Price: $4.19
Regular Price: $6.31
On Sale For: $5.68
Tunisian Five Spice
Price: $6.96
Turmeric Powder
Price: $5.24
Urfa Biber
Price: $6.29
Vadouvan Curry
Price: $6.57
White Peppercorns
Price: $6.29
Whole Cloves
Price: $7.44
Zahtar (Syrian)
Price: $5.19

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