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Mexican Spices

These are the Mexican spices that bring their enormous range of flavors to Mexican cooking. From the bright, warm citrus notes of coriander to the deep ambiance of savory cacao, these spices imbue Mexican food with its complex flavor profile. With a mix of indigenous spices and those brought in through trade, immigration, and conquest, these spices shown here, along with the Mexican herbs and Mexican chiles in our Ultimate Guide to Mexican Spices, blend history and tradition into an extraordinary cuisine. If it's inspiration you're after, take a look at the huge collection of regional Mexican recipes that we've made in our test kitchen.


Anise Seed
Price: $5.29
Annatto Seeds
Price: $5.31
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Price: $15.34
Coriander Seeds
Price: $4.24
Cumin Seed
Price: $5.07
Ground Annatto
Price: $5.47
Ground Cloves
Price: $7.76
Ground Coriander
Price: $4.30
Ground Cumin
Price: $5.25
Ground Nutmeg
Price: $7.22
Ground Spanish Anise
Price: $5.29
Toasted Sesame Seed
Price: $4.85
White Sesame Seeds
Price: $6.33
Whole Cloves
Price: $6.61
Whole Nutmeg
Price: $5.38

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