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African Recipes

Africa is the world's second largest continent and because of it's shear size (more than 11 million square miles) it has a wide range of various types of food that are consumed. This area is made op of five distinct regions -- Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern and Western Africa. North African cuisine has gained the most traction in the United States so far. We carry a large and growing selection of African spices and seasonings to make your recipes as authentic as possible.  

In Northern Africa many dishes revolve around seafood, goat, lamb, beef, dates, olives, almonds, and various vegetables and fruits. One of the more popular dishes from this region is Moroccan tagine.  The food from South Africa has been heavily influenced over the years by Europe and Asia. South African barbeque called ""braai" is enjoyed much the way that we have weekend cookouts. Central Africa cuisine has probably change the least compared to the other regions and has remained true to it's historical roots with a reliance on local ingredients. The area is best known for their wide varieties of stews. Eastern Africa has been shaped by Arab, British, Indian and Portuguese immigrants. One of the more prominent dishes from there is Spicy Berbere Lentil Stew. In the Western region staples include rice, black eyed peas, brown beans and root vegetables such as yams. One of our favorite spices from this part of the continent is Grains of Paradise.

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