Bulk Prague Powder #2 ǀ Pink Curing Salt

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Curing Salt (Prague Powder #2)

Curing Salt (Prague Powder #2)
Curing Salt (Prague Powder #2)

Curing Salt (Prague Powder #2)

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Prague Powder #2

Prague Powder #2 is made to use in long-term dry-curing projects. One pound of Prague Powder #2 is made of 5.67% sodium nitrite, 3.63% sodium nitrate, 89.75% salt, and pink food dye. Food dye is added as a distinguishing characteristic, so it is not confused with regular-use salt. Sodium nitrate is a salt that performs as an anti-oxidant. It blocks the growth of botulism-causing bacteria and imparts characteristic color and flavor into the meat. Sodium nitrite has been shown to prevent the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, a bacterium that may cause illness in some at-risk populations.

Sodium nitrate facilitates long-term curing by converting to sodium nitrites, but there are a few steps required to achieve chemical breakdown. Nitrites in Prague Powder #2 provide immediate antibacterial action to the target meat, while the nitrates begin their slower process of conversion. They interact with certain bacteria that cause it to ferment; this fermentation converts the nitrates to nitrites, which then convert to nitrous oxide, which dissipates. Since the nitrate conversion takes time to complete, the antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits of the curing salt are in effect longer, allowing for long, slow cures.


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This curing salt is for use in long-term dry cures only, so use this if you are making hard dry sausage, like salami or pepperoni, or air-dried hams. Use 1 level teaspoon of curing salt per 5 lbs. of ground meat. 1 lb. of curing salt can be used to process approximately 480 lbs. of meat.

There is also Prague Powder #1, which is appropriate for use in all other curing besides long-term dry curing. Use it when making things like lox, bacon, or corned beef.

The two curing salts are not interchangeable, so it is crucial that you use the correct curing salt for your meat curing needs.

Curing salts are not for daily use.


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Curing salts are not readily Curing salts are not readily available from local sources. The Prague Powder #2 arrived in a few days and was well sealed and dry. I am very pleased with the product and the service.

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Using Curing Salt #2 and Hickory Smoke Salt with other herbs or spices to prepare "Lardo" from Pork Fat Back...! Yours was the only place, online, from whom I was able to find BOTH of the ingredients I needed to prepare the set-up. Now I need to wait a while til I achieve my goal. Once the curing is completed, I can use the home-cured "Lardo" to prepare some dishes. Then, I'll be able to respond concerning my culinary adventure, more completely. Cheers. ys

Douglas M. 04/11/2018
Early review on #2 curing salt Just got it a couple of weeks ago, so started a country ham but to early for the result. I got a pound of it which was too much for the amount you use. I immediately transfer to a mason jar for long term storage. The packaging was solid and the condition was perfect.