Makrut Lime Leaves

Makrut Lime Leaves
Makrut Lime Leaves
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Makrut lime, or or Citrus hystrix, is also known as Indonesian lime, wild lime, or Thai lime. Both the rind of the fruit and the leaves are used. The fruit is a dark lime green in color and looks like a pear with a knobby, wrinkled outer rind. The juice of the fruit is sour and rarely used. The grated zest is added to curry pastes, fish cakes and larp (a type of minced meat salad). Makrut Lime Leaves are a signature flavor of many Thai curries, salads, soups and stir-fries.

Makrut Lime Leaves have a shiny appearance and these leathery leaves grow together in an unusual attached form (looking like they are attached at the stem). Similar in use to bay leaves, whole makrut leaves are generally removed from the dish prior to serving. If you are going to leave them in a dish you should shred them very, very thin or grind them. They do retain their flavor when cooked so it is okay to add these early in the cooking process. But be careful with these, as the longer they are in a dish the more flavor they provide.


History and Cultivation

Makrut Lime is very popular in Balinese, Cambodian, Malaysian and Thai cuisine. Native to Southeast Asia, Makrut Lime is also grown in Australia, California and Florida. Our Makrut Lime Leaves are grown in Thailand.


When and Where to Use

Makrut Lime leaves go well with fish, green vegetables, mushrooms, noodles, pork, poultry, rice and squid.

Makrut Lime leaves pair well with basil, chile peppers, cilantro, coconut milk, fish broth, galangal, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, mango, sesame and star anise.

The rind and the leaves are both used in Indonesian and Malaysian chicken and fish dishes. The fresh rind is grated or sliced; but be sure not to use any of the pith, as it is very bitter. The dried rind can be reconstituted much like a dried chile and then added to a dish.

These leaves are used in Thai and Lao cuisine in dishes such as tom yum. In Vietnam, makrut leaves are used in chicken dishes to add fragrance and also to cover up the smell when steaming snails.


Flavor Profile

Like many spices, the dried leaves and the dried rind are not nearly as fragrant as the fresh. The zest is bright with bold citrus notes, while the leaves have a strong, floral and pungent aroma with hints of both lemon and lime. The upfront citrus flavor is aromatic and bold and tends to stick around for a while.


Helpful Hints

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** This product is certified kosher.


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Total Sugars0.0g

Added Sugars0g0%

Sugar Alcohol0.0g


Vitamin D0mcg0%




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Janice M. (Verified buyer) 05/09/2018
Kaffir Lime Leaves Beautiful leaves, very happy with them.

John i. (Verified buyer) 08/21/2020
I haven't used them yet, but many came broken They smell nice and not a spice/herb I am used to using...and isn't this the name that some publications will change since the first word is a bit of a slur? Anyway, I got the big bulk bag and too many of these are broken and when directions on the bag say to use like bay leaves, it is hard to pick out a leaf that is, I'll be forced to grind a lot of these up first :-(

Kyle N. (Verified buyer) 10/25/2019
Kafir Lime leaves Nice product but many broken leaves.