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Kashmiri Chiles
Kashmiri Chiles
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Kashmiri (kash-MEE-ree) peppers, Capsicum annuum, are also known as Kashmiri red chilis, Kashmiri chiles, or Kashmiri lal mirch. This pepper is a rich cardinal red color and is narrow and spindly; it’s about ½ inch wide at the shoulder and between 3-4 inches in length, tapering into a long point. The thin skin and flesh of the chile curls up on itself when it dries and gives the chiles twisting wrinkles. If Kashmiri chiles had less wrinkles, they would probably gain an extra ½ inch in length. 

Chile peppers were introduced to Kashmir, the northernmost region of India, in the early 1700s. This is a mountainous region that can be difficult to farm; while they have the name “Kashmiri”, they are also farmed in Jammu, which has recently joined with Kashmiri as a single administrative body, and neighboring Himachal Pradesh. 

There are approximately 20 dried Kashmiri chile peppers per ounce.

One Kashmiri chile is equal to roughly 1 teaspoon ground Kashmiri chile powder.


Flavor profile


Kashmiri chiles have a very mild flavor. They are a little bit sweet and a little bit fruity, with a tame heat.


Heat level


Kashmiri chiles offer a mild heat that usually ranges between 1,500-2,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). There are occasional outliers that may express higher heat levels. 


How to use


Kashmiri chiles are wanted as much for their vibrant red hue as they are for their sweet, mild flavor. They’re often used to boost the appeal of curries. Use these peppers to add extra color to Quick and Easy Vegetable Curry or Vegetable Jalfrezi. Layer some gentle flavors into Punjabi Chicken with Tomatoes and Spinach. Or go outside the cultural box and toss with chicken chunks for a visually playful Asian Chicken Lettuce Rolls. Mix into Broccoli and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta for a sunny and summery plate. Stir this chile into any dish you’d like to add sweet chile flavor and a burst of color.


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