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Mignonette Pepper

Mignonette Pepper
Mignonette Pepper
Mignonette Pepper Mignonette Pepper

Mignonette Pepper

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We love fresh ground pepper and our peppermill gets plenty of use. We love to experiment with our peppercorns and peppercorn blends (one of the best parts of owning a spice company). Some nights we may go for a smoked peppercorn and the next time we fill up the peppermill it might be a gourmet peppercorn mixer (a blend of black, white, green and pink peppercorns).

We prefer to grind these for a more consistent size while others like to use a mortar and pestle for a coarser grind. We didn't like the often unexpected flavor explosions that the mortar and pestle provided. 

Recently we've been experimenting with a Mignonette Peppercorn blend. Now as we dug into the history of this blend it became quite interesting and it was actually like many seasoning blends where the recipe varies from region to region.

In northern Europe Mignonette Pepper refers to an equal mix of black and white peppercorns. While in Canada the French-Canadians mix their version of Mignonette Pepper with black and white peppercorns and also Coriander seed. This French-Canadian version is also sometimes called "shot pepper".

Our version is still another take on this as it has mixed with black peppercorns, white peppercorns, coriander seed and allspice berries.  We love this flavor profile as the black pepper is pungent, the white pepper has a sharp bite, the coriander is a bit tart and the allspice berries provide a little sweetness.

In addition to the variety of blends that a mignonette may be it also has several other cooking references used throughout the years. At one time a mignonnette referred to a small cloth sachet filled with various peppercorns and cloves. This was used to flavor stews and soups as we use a bouquet garni today. The term "poivre mignonnette" typically refers to white peppercorns that are coarsely ground.

You can use this as a rub on large cuts of beef, chicken or lamb. As a rub we recommend using 1 tsp per pound of meat. This also adds delicious flavor to pasta, pot roast, potatoes, rice, soups and stews.

If you're a fan of other pepper blends then be sure to check out our black and white blend. We also carry a complete line of top quality peppercorns.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 tsp

Amount Per Serving


% Daily Value*

Total Fat0g0%

Saturated Fat0g0%

Trans Fat0g

Polyunsaturated Fat0g

Monounsaturated Fat0g



Total Carbohydrate2.5g1%

Dietary Fiber1.0g4%

Total Sugars0.0g

Added Sugars0g0%

Sugar Alcohol0.0g


Vitamin D0mcg0%




*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. These values were calculated and therefore are approximate. For more

4.8 out of 5
6 total ratings.

Twylla B. (Verified buyer) 04/27/2021
Love the flavor! Love the flavor!

Robert F. (Verified buyer) 11/26/2020
Great flavor, that hint of Great flavor, that hint of allspice makes it, I grind it up and use it in our mac & cheese

Bonnie S. (Verified buyer) 05/02/2019
Nice service - Nice service -

Twylla B. (Verified buyer) 04/07/2018
Love it! Kicking ordinary pepper up a notch! It's going to make my new steak seasonings by Twylla's Spices and Essentials extra special.! I can't wait to add it to the collection!

Anonymous (Verified buyer) 07/25/2017
Mignonette Pepper Quite unique.

Chris J. (Verified buyer) 06/08/2020
Nice pepper Very nice flavor to this pepper. My only issue is that the size of some of the corns are too big to go into a medium size grinder. I can never really get the grinder full unless I pick out the large ones.