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All About Seasonings

Seasonings are often thought of as a beginner's ingredient. Pre-blended herbs and spices form a flavor base that you can come to rely on before you really learn your way around the kitchen. How are you to know that garlic and poppy seeds taste lovely together without first tasting them together? Chinese five spice is a seasoning that's celebrated in many Chinese homes because of the balance of all the flavors celebrated in the cuisine in this part of the world. Seasonings are a great way for hesitant cooks to learn about flavors without as much risk as mixing your own spices or adding throughout cooking.

However, seasonings are also a great way for a seasoned chef to take a bit of pressure off themselves. Found a perfect blend that you genuinely love to cook with? There's nothing wrong with having an established favorite blend. This can be something you build your other flavors around. Blends are a great way to experiment with ingredients and different flavor depths that would be more expensive to buy individually and then make the blend yourself. Something like the Black Bean Burger Seasoning has a wonderful, savory, umami-based flavor achieved through porcini mushroom powder that is actually rather expensive as an individual ingredient.

Seasoning Basics

Here you will find seasonings deconstructed! Learn about what blends are best suited for fruits and which are for vegetables. Discover some soup seasonings you hadn't even thought to add! If you have a question about what the difference is between different curry powders, you'll find that here, too!

What's the Difference Between a Rub and a Seasoning?

The Best Fruit and Vegetable Seasonings

The Best Soup Seasonings

All About Curry Powders


Looking for flavor enhancing blends that have no added sodium? Trying to re-learn what delicious tastes like after adjusting to a salt-free lifestyle? Look for some information here. Alternatively, if you are looking for a flavorful salt free option that you can add salt to based on your own preferences, this would be where you would find information on those blends as well.

Top 25 Salt-Free Seasoning Blends


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