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All About Herbs

The underdogs of the food world, especially in the United States, herbs are often relegated to simple decoration or thought of as the lesser of the overall spice world. How unfortunate for herbs, as their subtle power can be used to effectively mute flavors or round out a whole dish. They are the quiet heroes, taken from the leafy green or flowering part of plants and eaten either fresh or dried. Herbs have been part of the human diet for longer than recorded human history! It is high time they get some of the attention they deserve!

About Herbs

Have you wondered about some of the mythical origin stories of herbs? Thought about the different kinds of oregano? Are you wondering about the different flavor types of herbs? The About Herbs section of this blog collection is where you will find that information and more. Learn to build flavors with herbs and learn about how we started using herbs. The history is just as interesting as the food uses of herbs.

Greek Gods and Goddesses and Herbs, OH MY!

Oregano Throwdown

Herb Guides

The smell and taste of an herb improve the overall quality and flavor of a dish. Learning how herbs interact with foods helps to make your meal a more fulfilling experience. Herbs are the perfect addition to even the simplest meals, like a cheese tray or an omelet.

A Guide to Herbs and Cheese

Keeping Your Herbs Flavorful

What's Better- Fresh or Dried Herbs?


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