Beetroot and Ginger Ice Cream

Beetroot and Ginger Ice Cream
Beetroot and Ginger Ice Cream

Today we’re making a non-dairy ice cream that’s delicately sweetened with our powdered beetroot powder and honey. Rather than using a traditional custard with cream, Chef Jeff relied on the full fat of coconut milk thinned with some almond milk to make a consistency that can be churned. Not a fan of coconut milk? Check out our Horchata Ice Cream for another non-dairy ice cream with just almond milk instead.

If like us you adore coconut milk, you’ll love the way honey perfectly complements it. Though honey is a more subtle flavor, it still adds a sweetness that is almost floral, and doesn’t overwhelm the other ingredients. It’s important to whisk into the warm liquid to prevent it from sinking to the bottom or possibly burning. In a similar fashion, we find the easiest way to combine our organic Beetroot powder is to use a sifter to help distribute it evenly and avoid it clumping. Beetroots have a beautiful pink color and are often used as natural sweeteners.

Vanilla Extract helps to add depth of flavor, and we prefer to add it towards the end to avoid it cooking out. While its regular availability at any grocery store or gas station might suggest a simplistic element to ice cream, in reality there is an extraordinary amount of sensorial work that goes into making ice cream that means that scent and fragrance have an enormous impact on the ice cream we eat- meaning that being strategic with your process and adding things in layer does make a difference!

Once your base has been combined, you’ll want to put the bowl in an ice bath to help cool it down before putting it in the refrigerator. It’s important to wait until the mixture is completely chilled before adding it to your ice cream machine as it will encourage the process to develop slower, more well distributed ice crystals that will prevent the ice cream from becoming icy and have a creamier consistency. Ice cream machines are all different, so be sure to read your manufacturer’s instructions when determining how much ice and salt you need for your device. Layering salt with the ice helps to lower the melting temperature of our ice, meaning that it won’t turn to water before our base begins to take on a thicker, ice cream texture. However long your ice cream maker needs to churn your ice cream, we recommend waiting until the process is at least two thirds of the way done before adding your crystallized ginger- waiting to add your mix ins towards the end helps avoid them all sinking to the bottom.

After your ice cream is finished churning, you can transfer it to a freezer safe vessel and enjoy!

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Prep Time: 250 min.
Cooking Time: 30 min.
Category: Dessert
  1. In a saucepan over medium heat, combine coconut milk, almond milk, and honey. Bring to a simmer, while whisking. Add beet root powder and vanilla. Whisk well and remove from heat.
  2. Cool mixture in an ice bath, and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
  3. Pour cooled mixture in the chilled canister from the ice cream maker.
  4. Follow manufacturers instructions for churning. During the last 10 minutes, add Candied Ginger Pieces to the ice cream and return to churning.
  5. After ice cream is finished churning, place it in a container, cover and freeze for 4 hours.