Loose Teas

After receiving numerous requests from our customers over the last several years, we're finally adding loose leaf teas to our site. We've been drinking tea at home for years and this seems like a natural fit for us.

Just as we've done with our spices and seasoning blends, we will be very picky when it comes to what teas we'll carry and how they'll be sold. To provide the purest flavor we'll only use premium estate. We'll only be offering loose teas and will not have teas in bags, as we believe that the resulting flavor of brewed tea that utilizes the largest amount of the tea leaf surface provides a superior cup of tea.

Top grade loose teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant's finest hand-plucked buds, whole leaves, larger pieces of tea leaves or a combination of these. Growing conditions and time of the harvest also greatly influence the quality of tea. When all of these factors are considered then tea is more like a fine wine as both retain distinctive flavor characteristics that must be carefully preserved through each step of the process in order to provide the most flavorful cup of tea.


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