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Restaurant Spices and Seasonings

With more than 15 years of experience in a variety of restaurant settings from coast to coast, Spices Inc. has always had a soft spot for the people behind the scenes. We know that chefs and restaurant owners face an incredible number of challenges, from the ever-increasing competition, rising costs, a tight labor market, to the rapidly changing collective American palate. Working long, demanding hours, and performing in such a high intensity environment is an admirable thing we greatly respect. You are the people who serve up memories and establish relationships with the people in your communities through your art form- food. Those of you have been in the restaurant business for more than a hot minute have become stellar business women and men who know exactly how to keep swimming when it feels impossible to keep your head above water. We know that you already understand this and do not need our praise, but the respect we have for people in the restaurant world transcends what we can put into words.

We ship to restaurants that specialize in a range of cuisines like Mexican, American, Middle Eastern, or Vegan, just to name a few. What we know from talking to various chefs and restauranteurs is they desire high quality ingredients to make their food truly memorable. Many of these people also grow their own ingredients, seasons permitting, or travel to farmer’s markets nearby to gather up the freshest, most eco-friendly options they can incorporate into that day’s menu. The flavor of the high-quality ingredients can be lost when translating them into a cohesive dish if one doesn’t use the highest quality spices, herbs, and chiles too.

Restaurants tend to buy more spices individually and in bulk than they would purchase spice blends, though we do ship out a decent amount of blends too! Using spices individually however gives master chefs the chance to build up the flavors they want for each meal they create. We have one of the largest, maybe even the largest, selections of chiles and chile powders available for purchase online in the United States. Ours range from the backbone chiles used in Mexican and Southwestern American cuisine, like Ancho, Chipotle, Hatch New Mexico and Habanero chiles to some of the harder to find chiles and chile powders like Aleppo, Maras, Urfa Biber, and Pasilla de Oaxaca. These chiles are perfect for use in mashup or fusion dishes, combing the flavors of various cuisines all in one perfect eating experience.

As for our ground spices, we do most of our own grinding in house. Small batches several times a week are ground to ensure the spices you receive have the best possible flavor. Once ground, spices lose their flavor much more quickly than they would if they were left in their whole form, so it is important to only grind as necessary. This way our detail-oriented restaurant customers are getting the most flavorful cumin, black pepper, cardamom and coriander possible. Our comprehensive list of spices has more information on these wholesale spices.

Our products come in a variety of commercial kitchen sizes to best suit your specific needs. Some of our smaller restaurant customers prefer the easy to use 1- and 5-pound sizes, while our larger customers prefer to stretch their dollars further and buy in larger quantities. For this type of customer, we offer 25, 40, and 50-pound bulk sizes, with 25 pounds being our most popular.

Truly, we are spice experts. Spices, Inc. does not try to be all things to all people, allowing for us to keep our focus on the best spices we can find for our customers. This laser focus isn’t distracted by other restaurant supplies like teas, sauces, mustards, nuts, or coffer. Unlike some companies who try to sell you thousands of different items and offer spices as a low cost add on, you will find that our selection of spices is carefully curated for quality and variety. Companies who think of spices as an “extra” may be carrying spices that were harvested years ago, or spices that were ground over 12 months ago so their flavors have significantly dissipated. The result of buying weirdly cheap spices is actually buying extremely low-quality spices with little to no flavor. Your customers are unlikely to say “Wow, that meal was amazing and extremely memorable!” if you are using flavorless spices. Successful restaurants have a loyal following with repeat business, so flavorful spices are not an area they skimp on.

Over the years, we have become very good at creating masterful seasoning blends of both our own and for others, including more than a few independent and multi-location restaurants. Our current seasoning blend recipe database has over 600 recipes in it. Some restaurants who use our custom spice blending services are looking for better consistency between locations, some prefer to keep their exact spice recipes as secret as possible, and still others are looking for time saving or space saving measures to keep their operations as streamlined as possible.

Whatever your unique needs may be, we’ve got you covered! For our custom blends, we keep your secret recipe a secret by signing a confidentiality agreement. We even have a few restaurants that use us to private label their blends for resale.

We fill all orders by hand and 99.4% (yes this is something we track) of all orders including custom blends, received by 3:30pm EST ship out the same day. Looking for more info or want to know where to get started? Contact Sarah, our B2B Senior Account Manager or give her a call at 1-888-762-8642 and tell her what you need. Working hard to earn the trust of a growing legion of restaurants from one end of the country to the other is one of our passions. We guarantee that you’ll love our commitment to service and our fanatical attention to detail!


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