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Sugar Free Seasonings

Running beside all that noise for a salt-free lifestyle is a much quieter lifestyle change, the sugar-free diet. Sugar is a food enhancer in much the same ways that salt is- adding a dimension to your food that feels essential, thanks to the mass market of foods loaded with sugar and salt. Sugar doesn’t have to be a huge part of your diet. You do need carbohydrates, which help your body produce the energy it needs to run correctly, but processed sugars are simple carbohydrates and burn out quickly. Complex carbohydrates, like the natural sugars found in fruits, legumes, and beans, are much better for the body, especially when eaten within a properly balanced diet for your own nutritional needs. Given the choice between brown rice or a chocolate bar for energy from sugars, you should always choose the brown rice.

There is sugar in almost anything you eat, unfortunately. Processed sugars are in everything from candy bars to fillers in some of your standard grocery store spices. In fact, many manufacturers will load their spice blends up with a cheap sugar filler to help bulk up their product and lower their own cost. This doesn’t translate to the consumer, instead causing more problems and expenses down the line than previously anticipated. Saving a few cents and compromising your health are never good choices.

Exploring a sugar-free lifestyle doesn’t have to leave your dinners feeling tasteless or bland. You can add new flavors to your dishes with any of these seasonings, giving yourself the chance to eat deliciously vibrant food without all those loaded simple sugars.

It can feel overwhelming to come to terms with how much sugar is actually in the average American diet. Be sure you are reading food labels for anything called “sugar,” “syrup,” or any words that rhyme with “gross” like “sucrose” or “fructose.” Chances are, you are accidentally consuming way more sugar than you think you are! Remember that natural sugars are much better for the body than processed sugars and try to eat less. Over time, your palette will become more clear and your desire for those unhealthy sugars will begin to fade.

You’ll be surprised at how many of our blends contain no added sugar- like the delicious and versatile lemon pepper or our brewpub garlic fries seasoning. These are perfect for adding flavor without adding sugars or excess carbs. Of course, some of these blends contain ingredients that will have natural sugars. If you see sugars in the nutrition facts, it is likely from the naturally occurring sugars. Check out our blends below and discover a world with less added sugars!

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