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4 Types of Cinnamon
4 Types of Cinnamon Warm, comforting, and welcoming, the woodsy, spicy scent of cinnamon practically defines the idea of baked goods.
5 Reasons to Have Cinnamon Sticks on Hand
Cinnamon is a very popular spice when it comes to the holidays.
Are Spices Gluten Free?
Are Spices Gluten Free?In the last year, this question has become more and more common, so we thought that it was time that we addressed it.
Craft Brewers Favorite Beer Spices
Working with spices means we get to meet a lot of interesting people.
Exotic Spices
In the course of human history, people have often wanted what was difficult to obtain. We want the new, the rare, the out-of-the-ordinary, and that holds true with spices.
Flavor Characteristics of Spices
17 Flavor Characteristics of Spices Food would be boring without spices. They give aroma, color, flavor, and sometimes even texture to food.
Holiday Spice Guide
The holiday season is a favorite time of year here at Spices Inc.
Most Popular Spices by Cuisine
Most Popular Spices by Cuisine With the explosion of cooking shows on TV and more information on recipes from far away places available on the internet Americans
Sausage Spices and Seasonings
Making sausage at home, while a lot of work, can be extremely rewarding. For starters, you no longer have "mystery" ground meat sausages.
Spice Cabinet 101: Cardamom
I love the smell of freshly ground cardamom (which is a good thing because I can't really get away from it).
Spice Cabinet 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Dried Herbs
Herbs and spices are our lives here at Spices, Inc. We eat them, make drinks with them, and we absolutely smell like them.
Spice Cabinet 101: Paprika
It's safe to say that paprika is one of the top 5 spices used in America, along with cumin, cinnamon,
Spice Cabinet 101: Peppercorns
Pepper is one of the two spices that can be found in almost every kitchen in America. The first being salt and the second being pepper.
Spice Cabinet 101: Vanilla
During the holiday season, we come in contact with a wide variety of recipes which call for vanilla in some form or fashion.
Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Spice Cabinet
As spring approaches, the weather turns warmer and there are more hours of sunlight for outdoor activities.
Sweet and Bitter Flavors
We love food trends. They mean that something new and exciting is coming to the kitchen for us to try out. Some stand the test of time, while others fade off into the background.
The Best Fruit and Vegetable Seasonings
The Best Fruit and Vegetable Seasoning Depending on your household growing up, there's a chance that it might be easy to dismiss fruits and vegetables as unexciting "healthy" foods that y
The Must Have Spices for Your Kitchen
If you are a person who is just beginning their spice journey and you have come here looking for a carved in stone list of spices that you absolutely must keep in your kitchen, we unfortunately must
The Oregano Throwdown: Mediterranean vs Mexican
In the United States, we tend to think of oregano as being a singular type of herb.
The Salt Life
Today salt is an inexpensive food additive but just 200 years ago in the 1800s, it was an extremely expensive ingredient.
The Ultimate Guide To Mexican Spices
The Ultimate Guide to Mexican SpicesMexican spices embody nature's elements, combining heat and smoke and depth into unforgettable dishes.
Top 25 Salt Free Seasoning Blends
Salt is a mineral; the edible rock. It is a controversial topic to some, to others an afterthought, but it is for certain a major part of eating healthier.
Vanilla Extract - Is it Worth the Price?
Vanilla extract is a spice cabinet essential even i
Vegan Spices and Seasonings
Vegetarianism has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.
Volatile Oils of Spices
We love to cook, and chances are that you have at least some interest in it, too, because you're reading this!
What Are the Best Chili Spices
There’s a mythology around chili that can be difficult to overcome. The lore of it—beans or no beans? Tomatoes? Beef?
What Is Curry
What is curry? A curry is a fragrant, often heavily spiced (but not necessarily spicy) dish that consists of some combination of vegetables and/or meat in a gravy, which is then served ove
What is the Shelf Life of Spices and Herbs?
Dried herbs and spices add a lot of flavor to our dishes and they're so readily available and convenient to use.
What Spices Go with What Meat?
What Spices Go With What Meat When you don’t know how to cook something, even the simplest attempt at dinner can seem daunting.
Which Spices Do You Grind?
Whole spices are a favorite of cooks everywhere who like to have the freshest, most vibrant flavor in their foods. Whole spices are great.