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What Are GMOs?

What Are GMOs?

If you search for an answer on the internet, you might find the definition, “any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.” What are GMOs really, though? Genetic modification is a phrase that feels clinical and laboratory-like. It is a scary term, especially since there are natural genetic modifications too...

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Healthy Rice

Healthy Rice Choices

It is easy to default into categorizing rice into two types- white and brown. Really, there are over 40,000 types of rice, several of which can produce both white and brown styles. This is because the difference between white rice and brown rice are different only in processing, not in varietal. Almost all these types of rice can be separated into three primary categories of rice- long grain, medium grain, and short grain...

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Are You Nuts

Are You Nuts?

Is it fair to call a food a “Health Trend” if there’s a few hundred different versions, and it’s been eaten for thousands of years in just about every part of the globe? Probably not. But still, for every diet that becomes reintroduced ever few years, there comes a new round of rediscovery for the versatility and nutritional value of nuts.

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