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How to Store Dried Chiles
It’s essential to store dried chile peppers in the proper environment—away from light
The Best Herbs and Spices for Beef
Because of beef’s hearty, robust nature, flavor-forward spices like garlic and onion or herbs like rosemary and oregano are the best choices for an
How To Season A Steak
When you season your steak, always…always…start with salt. While there are other spices and seasonings that you can use to enhance the flavor of your favorite cut of steak, chefs across the country agree that salt is the #1 way to make your steak taste great.
The Oregano Throwdown: Mediterranean vs Mexican
Despite their similar names, Greek Oregano and Mexican Oregano are the products of entirely different plants.
Spice Cabinet 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Dried Herbs
People have been drying herbs for about as long as we’ve embraced their flavorful nature.
What Are the Best Chili Spices
To make a great pot of chili, you need Cumin, Chile powders, and Paprika.
The Difference Between Pickling and Fermenting
Pickling and fermenting are some of the oldest known methods to preserve food and yet they are frequently mistaken for one another.
What is a Sofrito?
Sofritos are an essential in Hispanic cooking. Cuban, Dominican Republican, Puerto Rican, and Spanish families all use sofritos in their cooking.
Why You Should Dry Brine Chicken
As I have mentioned several times before, I eat a lot of chicken.
A Guide to Herbs and Cheese
Herbs and cheese are as timeless a pair as Beauty and the Beast. Herbs give cheese a flavor boost and the cheeses are a nice base to help the flavor of the herbs truly shine.
How to Save Food: Fixing Flavors
When cooking, getting to know your ingredients each time you make a dish will help you season or combine new ingredients in a way that is complementary to all the other parts of the dish.
The Best Dried Chiles for Chili
No single chile or group of chile peppers is “best” to use when making a pot of homemade chili.
How Well Do You Know Your Chiles?
There is some debate about the exact number of types of chile peppers, but experts all agree that the number reaches into the thousands.
How to Store Spices
Take a moment to think about your spice collection. Do you prefer to store them in a cabinet all their own or directly on the countertop?
The Flavors of Chiles
Chile peppers are complex fruits and, like wine, can express a wide range of flavors in just one fruit.
Guide to Mexican Dried Chiles
Mexico is famous for its richly flavored and spicy food and that is thanks in large part to the abundant use of chile peppers in their cuisine.
BBQ or Barbecue or Barbacoa or Whatever You Call It
Barbecue is a global approach to cooking food; it is found in several corners of the world with some v
How to Make Your Own Rub
One of the most flavorful ways to season meat is with a generous amount of rub. One of the questions that we hear often from our customers is - How to Make a Rub?
How Hot are Dried Chile Peppers?
Chile peppers encompass an enormous range of heat; the Carolina Reaper is searingly hot, measuring between 1,400,000 - 2,200,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU).
What Spices Go with What Meat?
When you don’t know how to cook something, even the simplest attempt at dinner can seem daunting.
Which Dried Chiles Are Mild?
The Bell Pepper is considered the mildest dried chile, with a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of 0.
Flavor Characteristics of Spices
Food would be boring without spices. They give aroma, color, flavor, and sometimes even texture to food.
How to Fry Spices
If you already know how to dry roast and crush your own spices, pan frying is the next step in building our flavor profiles of your favorite dishes.
How to Roast Vegetables
Grilling vegetables is great for the summer months, but the winter months call for a different kind of preparation called roasting.
Spice Cabinet 101: Vanilla
During the holiday season, we come in contact with a wide variety of recipes which call for vanilla in some form or fashion.
Sausage Spices and Seasonings
Making sausage at home, while a lot of work, can be extremely rewarding. For starters, you no longer have "mystery" ground meat sausages.
What Are Chipotle Meco Chiles
Chipotle Meco chiles, a version of dried and smoked jalapenos, are botanically classified as Capsicum annuum.
What is a Chipotle
Chipotle peppers are dried smoked jalapeno peppers. They have an underlying sweetness with bitter and smoky notes.
Whole Spices vs Ground Spices
We’re often asked, what’s the difference between whole and ground spices, and what’s better to use when cooking?
The Must Have Spices for Your Kitchen
If you are a person who is just beginning their spice journey and you have come here looking for a carved in stone list of spices that you absolutely must keep in your kitchen, we unfortunately m
California or Chinese Garlic
Table of Contents California versus Chinese Garlic Garlic and onions alike are a topic
Most Popular Spices by Cuisine
With the explosion of cooking shows on TV and more information on recipes from far away places available on the internet Am
What Are Cascabel Chiles
Cascabel Chile (pronounced “KAS-ka-bel”), Capsicum annuum, are also called cascabel pepper, cascabel chili, or chile cascabel.
What Are Chiltepin Peppers
Chiltepin Pepper (pronounced "CHIL-te-pin"), Capsicum annuum, are tiny red chiles, roughly ¼ inch across, that look more like a berry than a pepper.
What Are Dried Serrano Peppers
Serrano Peppers, when fresh, are deep emerald green and turn vibrant red as they mature.
What Are Habanero Peppers
The Habanero pepper (ha-ba-NEH-ro), a member of the Capsicum chinenese botanical family, is also called habanero chile or chile habanero.
What Are Puya Chiles
Puya chiles belong to the botanical family Capsicum annuum, and they are called by the same name, whether fresh or dried.
What is the Shelf Life of Spices and Herbs?
Dried herbs and spices add a lot of flavor to our dishes and they're so readily available and convenient to use.
What Are Mulato Chiles
Mulato chiles, botanically classified as Capsicum annuum, are the result of prolonged ripening of a poblano pepper.
What Are Pasilla Peppers
Pasilla chiles are the dried form of chilaca peppers, botanically classified as Capsicum annuum.
Volatile Oils of Spices
We love to cook, and chances are that you have at least some interest in it, too, because you're reading this!
How to Make the Best Homemade Soup
The best time of the year for steamy hot comfort food is winter.
Sweet and Bitter Flavors
We love food trends. They mean that something new and exciting is coming to the kitchen for us to try out. Some stand the test of time, while others fade off into the background.
The 10 Secrets of Backyard Grilling
So you want to become a grill master? Well it's your lucky day ‘cause we're about to set your world on fire.
What Are Pequin Peppers
Pequin Chile Peppers (pronounced “puh-KEEN”), botanically classified as Capsicum annuum var.
The Best Fruit and Vegetable Seasonings
Depending on your household growing up, there's a chance that it might be easy to dismiss fruits and vegetables as unexciting "healthy" foods t
What Are Chiles de Arbol
De Arbol chiles, or chiles de Arbol, are small and slender chile peppers with a bold, spicy bite.
Spice Cabinet 101: Paprika
It's safe to say that paprika is one of the top 5 spices used in America, along with cumin, cinnamon,