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The Best Dried Chilis for Chili
Best Dried Chilis for Chili One of the top questions we’re asked on a regular basis is, “What are the best chile peppers to use when I make chili?” The debate about how to make chili
What is a Chipotle
What are Chipotle Peppers? chih-POTE-lay
How Well Do You Know Your Chiles
Here at Spices, we believe that chile peppers can be added to (almost) anything.
The Flavors of Chiles
Pepper FlavorsSure, chile peppers can be spicy hot, but while Americans have developed a greater appreciation for them over the last 25 years or so we still tend to go for the “burn your f
What is the Hot Pepper Scale
There are so many varieties of peppers - from the mild green and sweet red peppers to the fiery Habanero peppers.
How to Rehydrate Dried Chiles and Peppers
From surface texture alone, dried chiles can be an intimidating ingredient.
You Might be a Chile Head...
Do you think you have what it takes to consider yourself a chilehead? Ask yourself these questions:
Chiles You Haven't Heard of But Soon Will
Predicting food trends is right up there with the weather and the stock market.
What's So Special About New Mexico Chiles?
Chile peppers play an important role in the culture and development of the American Southwest, and have been embedded into the fabric of the Americas for thousands of years.
Aleppo Pepper: History in a Modern Kitchen
In the early 2000s, Aleppo pepper was becoming a darling of the American food scene, cropping up in nouveau dishes from coast to coast.
The Rising Popularity of Turkish Peppers
Pepper varietals are found all over the world.
321 Rib Smoking
The 3 2 1 smoking method for ribs is talked about everywhere, and with good reason. It’s a way to turn out reliably tender ribs, and takes the guesswork out of cooking.
4 Types of Cinnamon
4 Types of Cinnamon Warm, comforting, and welcoming, the woodsy, spicy scent of cinnamon practically defines the idea of baked goods.
5 Reasons to Have Cinnamon Sticks on Hand
Cinnamon is a very popular spice when it comes to the holidays.
6 Living with Low Sodium Tips
Have you recently had to go on a low-sodium diet? If so, then you are probably finding it to be a challenge, as it seems that sodium is everywhere! Well you are certainly not alone.
8 Healthiest Cuisines in the World
Healthy eating is full of misinformation and swirling articles falling into the endless vortex that is the internet about what we should and should not eat.
A Complete Guide to All Things Chili
It's a little chilly outside and you've decided you want to eat something warm and cozy for dinner… chili it is! Chili recipes are as plentiful as there are stars in the sky.
A Guide to Herbs and Cheese
Herbs and cheese are as timeless a pair as Beauty and the Beast. Herbs give cheese a flavor boost and the cheeses are a nice base to help the flavor of the herbs truly shine.
A Spicy Guide to New Mexican Cuisine
Southwestern cuisine is a blend of Mexican, Native American, and cowboy influences.
African Spices and Seasonings
Africa is a huge continent. It is home to many distinct cuisines, all of which have some commonalities in which spices and seasonings they use.
All About Building Flavors
Building flavor isn't entirely about adding more ingredients to the dish. It's about understanding how ingredients work together and what different cooking techniques will do to your food.
All About Ingredients
The difference between a delicious meal and an okay one comes mostly from the ingredients you are using. Even a professional chef is only as good as the ingredients they are cooking with.
All About Peaches
All About Peaches First, here's a little song about peaches to put you in the mood.
All About Sichuan Cuisine
Sichuan cuisine is a style of Chinese food that comes from the Sichuan province in southwest China.
All About Spices
Here you will discover a collection of blogs that are linked closely to our experience with spices. Spices have an interesting role in our everyday life.
All About Tomatoes
Tomatoes are one of our favorite vegetables that are technically fruits.
All Olive Oil is Not Created Equally
Learning more about olive oil will both inspire your cooking and surprise you.
Are Spices Gluten Free?
Are Spices Gluten Free?In the last year, this question has become more and more common, so we thought that it was time that we addressed it.
Are You Nuts?
Is it fair to call a food a "Health Trend" if there's a few hundred different versions, and it's been eaten for thousands of years in just about every part of the globe? Probably not.
Asian Spices and Seasonings
Asian Spices and SeasoningsWith Americans increased demand for healthier foods there is a spiked interest in Asian flavors and cooking techniques.
BBQ or Barbecue or Barbacoa or Whatever You Call It
BBQ or Barbecue or Barbacoa or Whatever You Call It Barbecue is a global approach to cooking food; it is found in several corners of the world with some variat
Brazilian Cuisine 101
Brazilian Cuisine 101 Brazil is a country with wonderful people, traditions, beaches and--most importantly--food!
Broth and Stock 101
Whether you're making a soup, gravy, or risotto, they all need a great cooking liquid with a whole lot of flavor.
California or Chinese Garlic
California versus Chinese Garlic Garlic and onions alike are a topic of debate in the spice world.
California: One of the World's Healthiest Cuisines
California. The diversity of people, terrain and food can almost guarantee that you will never be bored if you're willing to travel and explore new places and foods.
Craft Brewers Favorite Beer Spices
Working with spices means we get to meet a lot of interesting people.
Create Your Own Dry Rub for Ribs Using 4 Tips from BBQ Restaurants
We’re a spice and seasoning company and have been creating BBQ rib rubs for ourselves and offering custom blending for others for over 12 years.
Custom Spice Blends
Custom BlendingThere are several reasons customers come to us for their custom blending needs.
Deeper into the Mediterranean Diet - Spain
Deeper Into the Mediterranean Diet - Spain
Difference Between Smoking, Barbecuing and Grilling
Before you know it, the sun will be setting faster and faster. While it's still bright and sunny out, enjoy cooking outside in all the different ways that you can!
Exotic Spices
In the course of human history, people have often wanted what was difficult to obtain. We want the new, the rare, the out-of-the-ordinary, and that holds true with spices.
Flavor Characteristics of Spices
17 Flavor Characteristics of Spices Food would be boring without spices. They give aroma, color, flavor, and sometimes even texture to food.
Flavorful Latin Food-More than just Tacos and Jamaican Jerk Seasoning!
Flavorful Latin Food - More Than Just Tacos and Jamaican Jerk Seasoning!
Global Grilling Habits
Americans love their grills and summer barbeques.
Heart Health Awareness
February is American Heart Month so we thought it would be a good idea to share so