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All About Spices
All About Spices

Here you will discover a collection of blogs that are linked closely to our experience with spices. Spices have an interesting role in our everyday life. From ancient times to now, they are crucial to understanding other cultures and to sharing our human experiences. After all, languages are different, but our love of food is entirely universal.

About Spices

Below you can browse information about spices, including information about their gluten content, their level of safety, and their flavor characteristics. This is a more generalized "about" section so you can become more acquainted with spices without too much searching or effort.

Flavor Characteristics of Spices

Are Spices Gluten Free?

Vegan Spices and Seasonings

The Must Have Spices for Your Kitchen

How Much Spice to Use and When to Add

Spice Guides

Our spice guides in this section range from information on spices that might help you lose weight to common questions such as "what spices go with what meat?" These blogs are intended to help you more deeply understand the relationship between spices and the foods you use them on!

Holiday Spice Guide 

What Spices Go with What Meat?

What are the Spices Used in Chili?

Most Popular Spices by Cuisine

5 Reasons to Keep Cinnamon Sticks on Hand

Exotic Spices

California or Chinese Garlic? 

Our 101 Series

Keeping Your Spices Flavorful

Now that you know more a little about spices and also know a little bit about how they interact with some of your favorite foods, you can learn how to keep your spices as flavorful as possible for as long as you can. This section will have information about shelf life, how to fry your spices, etc.

Spring Cleaning Your Spice Cabinet

Shelf Life of Spices and Herbs

Which Spices Do You Grind?

How to Fry Spices?

Roasting Spices

How to Grind Spices

Why We Fill to Order

How to Store Spices?


We've included in this section tips on how to live with less salt, how to season with salt, and how to use salt during cooking. This is to ensure a wide range of topics are covered as we continue to expand our understanding about how salt works with our food for better or worse.

6 Living with Lower Sodium Tips

The Salt Life 

Guide to Seasoning Without Salt

When and How to Use Salt During Cooking



An important ingredient that gets a lot of negative attention, sugar is actually one of the more popular flavor enhancers as well. 

Smart Sugar and Salt Substitutes

Extract Information

Extracts are included on this page because they are just as flavorful an ingredient as spices. When cooking with an extract, you are enhancing your food and bringing out new dimensions within it, like how spices interact with food.

Vanilla Extract- Worth the Price?