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What Are Chiltepin Peppers
Chiltepin Pepper (pronounced "CHIL-te-pin"), Capsicum annuum, are tiny red chiles, roughly ¼ inch across, that look more like a berry than a pepper.
The Flavors of Chiles
Chile peppers are complex fruits and, like wine, can express a wide range of flavors in just one fruit.
Guide to Mexican Dried Chiles
Mexico is famous for its richly flavored and spicy food and that is thanks in large part to the abundant use of chile peppers in their cuisine.
How Hot are Dried Chile Peppers?
Chile peppers encompass an enormous range of heat; the Carolina Reaper is searingly hot, measuring between 1,400,000 - 2,200,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU).
What Are Chipotle Meco Chiles
Chipotle Meco chiles, a version of dried and smoked jalapenos, are botanically classified as Capsicum annuum.
What Are Puya Chiles
Puya chiles belong to the botanical family Capsicum annuum, and they are called by the same name, whether fresh or dried.
What Are Mulato Chiles
Mulato chiles, botanically classified as Capsicum annuum, are the result of prolonged ripening of a poblano pepper.
What Are Pasilla Peppers
Pasilla chiles are the dried form of chilaca peppers, botanically classified as Capsicum annuum.
What Are Pequin Peppers
Pequin Chile Peppers (pronounced “puh-KEEN”), botanically classified as Capsicum annuum var.
What Are Chiles de Arbol
De Arbol chiles, or chiles de Arbol, are small and slender chile peppers with a bold, spicy bite.
What Are Pasilla de Oaxaca Chiles
Pasilla de Oaxaca chiles (pronounced "pah-SEE-yah day wa-HAAK-kah") are a variety of smoked pasilla chiles grown in the Oaxaca region of Mexico.
What Are Ancho Chiles
Ancho chiles are one of the most popular chiles in Mexican cuisine. Use Ancho peppers in authentic sauces, soups, marinades, and spice rubs.
What Are Guajillo Chiles?
Guajillo chiles are the second-most used chile in Mexican cuisine.
What Are Cascabel Chiles
Cascabel Chile (pronounced “KAS-ka-bel”), Capsicum annuum, are also called cascabel pepper, cascabel chili, or chile cascabel.
All About Building Flavors
Building flavor isn't entirely about adding more ingredients to the dish. It's about understanding how ingredients work together and what different cooking techniques will do to your food.
How to Build Flavors
What is Building Flavor?
Kitchen Chemistry
What is Kitchen Chemistry?
Roots of American Cuisine
What exactly is American Cuisine?