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Star Anise

The distinctive Star Anise has a heady, earthy, and licorice-y fragrance, with a hint of sweet pepper that tickles the end of the nose. It tastes sweet and warm; yes, like licorice, but with a touch of clove clinging to the top notes and a bittersweet finish. Star Anise has an essential oil component of 2.5%-3.5% and leaves a warm, slightly numb feeling in the mouth. That comes from the chemical compound anethol, an organic camphor that has properties that help offset topical discomfort.

Star Anise, despite being considered a spice, is a fruit. It comes from the Chinese evergreen tree, the Illicium verum, indigenous to China and Vietnam. These are slow-growing trees; they take a minimum of 6 years for the trees to start producing the star anise fruit, and may take up to 15 years for initial production. However, the trees are evergreen and produce fruit year-round once they do begin forming fruit. It can produce fruit for up to 100 years after the first fruit appears. Before fruiting, the flowers on the tree turn yellow. Immature Star Anise grows in green and turns brown as it matures. Each fruit has on average 8 petals, and each petal holds a polished, shiny, tan-colored seed.


Tips From Our Kitchen


Star Anise adds a fresh and invigorating element to hearty meats. It performs beautifully in braises with beef and duck, and is a secret ingredient in soup stocks, like Chinese chicken soup, oxtail soup, or the classic Vietnamese phō. Check stocks and braises as they cook; Star Anise is potent and will continue to flavor a dish as it cooks. If the cook time is long, add Star Anise in a cheesecloth bag so it can be removed easily if you decide it’s cooked in long enough. Should you only need a small amount of Star Anise, you can break off arms as necessary. It is also wonderful with sweets, so steep in milk for Star Anise-flavored caramel or ice cream. You can toast and grind it into powder for banana bread or pumpkin pie. We also offer Ground Star Anise if you would prefer that we do the work for you.

Our Star Anise is grown in Vietnam.

This product is certified kosher.

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4.8 out of 5
16 total ratings.

Charles S. (Verified buyer) 03/12/2021
This spice can only be This spice can only be great. Haven't used it yet. They smell heavenly. Great aromatic quality. I just never get tired of this smell. It's such a characteristic smell of a well used kitchen. Charles S

C B. (Verified buyer) 11/11/2020
Fast shipping Fast shipping

Claire A. (Verified buyer) 04/05/2020
Delicious! So fragrant! Make sure to order it separately from other pungent spices if using as flavoring for tea! I love this mixed with Rooibos and Yerba Mate.

Lisa P. (Verified buyer) 07/18/2019
Star Anise I simmer a couple in some chicken broth for a quick faux 'pho' broth, delicious!

Milo C. (Verified buyer) 06/20/2019
5 Star Anise I can honestly say that my life is now clearly divided into two segments. The time before I had this spice, and every glorious day since. It's like the thing that you don't know you need until you have it. I add these pods to my noodle broth and feel fortunate to have unlocked the key to happiness

Jonathon O. (Verified buyer) 04/12/2019
Top Quality This quality star anise really adds a nice subtle aroma to my rice 🍚

Lily L. (Verified buyer) 02/14/2019
good spice speedy customer service and shipping. the Anise is not as good as first time I bought it but it's not bad.

Mary B. (Verified buyer) 02/06/2019
Star Anise Great products! My shipment came well packed w/no broken pieces of Anise. This company has the best User Friendly Website i have ever used and their customer service is outstanding. When i ordered they were out of stock, but knew that stock would be arriving, unlike some sites who will say they are out of stock and don't know if/when they will be in receipt of product. They sent me an em alerting me that their were resupplied. Their prices are phenomenal! Extremely affordable! Considering the prices over the counter at very few retail shops in my city which actually carry whole Star Anise, i will never have to beat the street to find that one special ingredient. I will be forever customer. Thank you.

Terri G. (Verified buyer) 12/20/2018
Quality Quality

James J. (Verified buyer) 12/17/2018
Spices Recent purchase of spices used for my first home cured ham showed up fresh and timely. The quality of spices are top knotch.
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