Whether looking for savory infusions or a warming, sweet lift, culinary cocktailing is the way to go. Bartenders, mixologists, and brewers are constantly experimenting with new flavors to expand cocktailing’s horizons. Impress your friends when you enhance your drinks with a flavor that’s unexpected and become a mix-master with a top-notch cocktail game.

Pink Peppercorn Gimlet
Gimlets have a murky history, confounded by alcohol and legend.
Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper Paloma
We usually think of the margarita as Mexico’s favorite drink but the Paloma, with its contrast of sweet syrup and tart grapefruit, is a contender for that crown.
Mayan Pumpkin Hot Chocolate Cocktail
Everyone (maybe not everyone) knows that Chocolate came from the Mayans… but it’s a bit of an under exaggeration the food that our culture has come to embrace had an even more enthusiastic fanbase
El Gallito
“This tastes like liquid salsa,” one of our taste testers declared as she took a sip of this cocktail. “I like it!” This was certainly the consensus about the drink.