Cajun Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Cajun Grilled Sweet Potatoes
Cajun Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Having lived in New Orleans for a few years, we are particularly partial to Cajun/Creole cuisine. The wonderful choices in seasonings and the ever present kick of cayenne heat really reminds us of the great food that we had in 'The Big Easy'. We are always looking for foods that we can add this flair to, and in this case sweet potatoes were just right.

When we were developing spice blends for SpicesInc, we knew we had to include some of the wonderful spice mixes that we found during our time in New Orleans. From blackened fish or chicken to red beans and rice, a spicy seafood boil or a hearty gumbo, we have a blend for that. Our complete collection of Cajun and Creole seasonings will take you on a taste adventure. We also knew that we had to pay attention to creating healthier versions when ever possible and this Salt Free Cajun Seasoning is a flavorful blend of both worlds!

We put our potatoes directly on our grill set to low heat. You can also use a vegetable basket on the grill or bake these potatoes in the oven set at 350 for about 30-35 minutes. Flip potatoes halfway through the cooking time to insure they cook evenly. These potatoes make a great side dish for fish or chicken. To 'kick it up a notch' you can place a bottle of cayenne sauce on the table, such as Tobasco for folks to add even more heat.

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Category: Side Dishes, Grilling
Cuisine: Cajun and Creole
  1. Cover the sweet potato slices with the olive oil, sprinkle the Salt Free Cajun Seasoning over the slices
  2. Heat grill to low heat. Place potato slices on the preheated grill rack until bubbly on the bottom, carefully flip and do the same with the other side