Quick and Easy Spicy Grilled Shrimp

Quick and Easy Spicy Grilled Shrimp
Quick and Easy Spicy Grilled Shrimp

Some recipes will say, “this is quick and easy” and then mean that the prep is quick and easy, but the cooking takes an hour or longer. Fortunately, this is a recipe that is legitimately both quick and easy. The taste is excellent too, with just a hint of heat and a twinge of sweetness. Skewer the shrimp with two skewers that have been soaked for a long enough time that they won’t burn while they are over the grill. If you use two skewers, they will hold the shrimp in place much better and you can avoid having them fly or spin when they are cooking.

Shrimp is one of nature’s gifts to the grill. Gravitate toward large shrimp for cooking because there will be some shrinkage and you want to make sure your plate looks as good as it's going to taste. Some people like to leave the shell of the shrimp on, some like to peel it. Peeling the shrimp before applying the dry rub will allow for the seasoning to really get in and penetrate the meat for full flavor. It will also allow you to devein the shrimp prior to cooking, which requires pulling the shell off so you can get at the digestive tract.

You can grill these on any kind of grill, from charcoal to gas to a Foreman. You could also sauté them if you wanted, but then they would no longer be quick and easy spicy grilled shrimp, they would be relatively quick and easy sautéed shrimp. That’s just not as fun to say or do. Our entire test kitchen was super excited to get their hands on these skewered shrimp and they were gone almost as quickly as they were cooked! Expect similar results in your kitchen.

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1.  Add all of the spices to a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly

2.  Add the shrimp and mix well with the spices

3.  Place bowl in the refrigerator for about 15-20 to allow the spices to work their way into the shrimp

4.  Turn your grill on to medium high

5.  Place your shrimp on wooden skewers (or use a shrimp basket)

6.  Cook your shrimp on your grill turning every 2-3 minutes until done (as soon as the flesh turns white)