The history of the casserole is longer than most of us realize. This one-dish meal feels rooted in kitschy, 1950s-era nostalgia, but it’s actually centuries old. The oldest written casserole recipe is for a simple pasta baked with cheese; it’s written in Latin and is dated circa 1250 A.D. The casserole is found all around the globe and are infinitely adaptable to available starches, proteins, and vegetables, and can be seasoned with a wide variety of spices. Because of the flexibility of a casserole, you can even experiment with these recipes, trying other complementary spices that could tweak the flavors to your own personal preferences.

Apple Pie French Toast Casserole
If you had to guess how long French Toast has been around, how long would you guess?
Mediterranean Macaroni and Cheese
For this dish we combined the savory flavors of the Mediterranean with classic American macaroni and cheese. There may seem to be a lot of stirring in this dish but the basis for your cheese sauc
Ground Turkey and Cabbage Casserole
Cabbage. Maybe you like it, maybe not. Maybe you remember eating it at dinner in the form of cabbage rolls.
Baked Ziti
We couldn't pass up the chance to do a recipe for Baked Ziti. Who doesn't love pasta, meat sauce and cheese? Too bad it is also heavy on fat and calories.
Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole
The challenge with remaking some of our favorite recipes that we remember as a child is that they were often loaded with cheese, fat, salt and e
Turkey Sausage with Roasted Vegetables
This is a delightful twist on the dynamic duo of sausage and peppers. But instead of using fatty Italian pork sausage I opted for the leaner turkey sausage.
Greek Lasagna
Phyllo instead of pasta and classic Greek ingredients give this dish a twist from traditional lasagna recipes.
Texas Lasagna
Inspired by the fusion food combination of traditional lasagna, my favorite enchiladas and yummy tacos - this beefy, cheesy casserole is easy to
Mexican Cornbread
This is more like a casserole than a cornbread, and our taste testers loved that. This is a great family dinner, nice and filling without being too much.