South American

South American cuisine is defined by expansive flavors, and it has to be in order to encompass all the influences that impact the food. It’s got elements of cooking styles from Africa, Portugal, Spain, and the Caribbean, as well as from the native Americans that have lived in South America for more than 12,000 years. While there are certainly hot peppers and pungent South American-centered herbs and spices that adorn the items on a typical menu, much of the food is bold and richly seasoned but is not overtly hot. Use these recipes for inspiration as you experiment with our spices or South American-inspired seasoning blends and experience the sweeping grasslands of South America in your very own kitchen.

Peruvian Aji Amarillo Sauce
This incredibly easy, medium-heat sauce takes about 20 minutes to make, and it's got flavor that can't be beat.
Grilled Snapper Sandwich with Criolla Sella Remoulade
When looking to make an unforgettable fish sandwich, we recommend pulling these things together. Get your grill, some ripe tomatoes and sweet onions, and a firm filet of mild red snapper.
Malagueta Crab Cocktail
When you want a spicy and refreshing appetizer, look no further than our Malagueta Pepper and Crab Cocktail. This brisk, crunchy crab cocktail puts Brazil’s beloved Malagueta Chile to work.
Chilean Chacarero Steak Sandwich
Chacarero Sandwiches are  a traditional Chilean Street food.
Arepas Benedict
Arepas are a popular vessel for delicious street foods in many different Latin American countries.
Chimichurri Sauce
Chimichurri sauce is a staple in traditional Argentinian cooking and has had its popularity extended all over South America and has eventually gained ground in the US.
Mashed Plantains
What does breakfast look like for you? Is it a bowl of oatmeal? Cold leftovers? “The Full English”?
Peruvian Beef Kebabs with Crazy Rice
Kebabs are an easy way to make a variety of food at one time, especially when the entire family decides to come visit. Not only do they look amazing with minimal effort, they taste even better!
Grilled Steak Taco with Chimichurri Sauce
This recipe takes the taco to a whole new level. The fertile farmlands of Argentina and it's savory grilled beef become the inspiration behind this tasty dish.
Fisherman's Stew
As an avid seafood lover I am always looking for more ways to incorporate fish and shrimp into my diet (for flavor and health reasons), but never know exactly what to pa
Savory Brazilian Pizza
In doing research for pizza toppings, our test kitchen team decided to prepare this savory Brazilian style pizza.
Brazilian Chicken
South American inspired an an easy way to change up the everyday chicken recipe.
Salmorejo - A Chilled Tomato Soup
I have to say that we have some of the best customers ever!
Peruvian Beef Stew
This Peruvian Stew recipe does not go in the quick and easy category.  There are some steps to preparing this meal - but it was well worth the effort.  This dish is healthy and filling as well as