Instant Pot Coconut Fish Curry

Instant Pot Coconut Fish Curry
Instant Pot Coconut Fish Curry

Our Coconut Fish Curry recipe comes from the Instant Pot recipe book. It calls for 1.5 pounds of white fish like haddock, cod, or tilapia. We used cod. Regardless of what fish you use, remember that fish should not smell fishy. Fresh fish will smell like the ocean. If you choose to buy a whole fish, look for one with clear eyes, as cloudiness is a sign of spoilage. Fish should not be slimy either, so watch out for that when selecting a fillet.

Jeff used our seasoning blend Madras curry, which covered basically all the spices on the spice list. The recipe says your flavoring leaf of choice may be a makrut leaf, a curry leaf, or a bay leaf, and Jeff opted for the curry leaves. Another change we made with the ingredients list were the cherry tomatoes. You could use plain red cherry tomatoes, or you could use artisan cherry tomatoes. Artisan cherry tomatoes are different colors like yellow, red, and orange, so they can give a lot of color to the dish if you choose them; precisely the reason we decided to go with these colorful little guys.

For the green chiles, we substituted our Anaheim chiles and rehydrated them for about twenty minutes before use. These chiles are red, but had they been fresh they would have been green. You can use either; the difference in flavor is not significant enough to warrant a strict color preference. If you decide you want to have more chile flavor than heat, you can always scoop the insides out of the chiles.

The fish turned out wonderfully in the Instant Pot, nice and flaky, which is exactly what you are looking for. This dish has beautiful presentation for a curry, though curries aren’t always the most aesthetically appealing. We served the dish with basmati rice, though it can also be served alone in a bowl.

The master Chef wanted to be sure you know that the unsweetened coconut milk you use for this recipe is not the one you would by in the mixers section of the grocery store. You want the one that almost looks like coconut water. Do not it be lost on you that the people who are probably crowded around the coconut milk you seek are the same people that will ultimately purchase the coconut milk mixers for their parties this weekend. Relish in your hangover free curry.

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Category: Seafood
Cuisine: Indian
  1. Preheat (Saute) the Instant Pot.
  2. When the word 'hot' appears on the display, add oil.
  3. Add onion, garlic and Ginger Powder and saute until onion is soft.
  4. Add Curry Leaves and Madras Curry and stir for another minute or two to combine.
  5. Pour in the coconut milk, stir with a wooden spoon.
  6. Scrape any solids that may be stuck at the bottom of the cooker.
  7. Add Chiles and tomatoes, stir.
  8. Gently add the fish pieces and move them around to coat them with the mixture.
  9. Close and lock the lid of the Instant Pot.
  10. Press manual mode and choose 3 minutes cooking time.
  11. When cooking time is up, use the Quick Pressure Release to cool the cooker.
  12. Open cooker and add salt and lemon juice just before serving.