Kebabs, or skewered chunks of meat held over a fire or grill, have been around about as long as civilization. An excavation of a settlement in Crete uncovered stones around a fire pit that were put there to help support the skewers. The ruins were dated to the Bronze Age, which lasted from 3300 to 1200 B.C. Kebabs, which seem to have originated in the vicinity of the Middle East, are a practical way to cook meat thoroughly when wood and other cooking fuels are hard to find. You can cook virtually any kind of meat or vegetable as a kebab, and this fun, simple style of cooking has become incorporated into summer grilling around the world.

Suya Yaji Skewers
Suya is originally from Northern Nigeria and typically are thin strips of beef or ram that is threaded onto a skewer and seasoned with a peanut based dry rub.
Al Pastor Kebab Salad Bowl
Kebabs have their origins in Middle Eastern cuisine, where they are considered a quick street food. They are often cooked on skewers, but there are some kebab dishes that are not!
Chicken and Sausage Kebabs
As with any kebabs we make, this recipe began with soaking skewers overnight, so they wouldn’t char or start on fire while we were cooking with them. This is an excellent precautionary step.
Moorish Pork Skewers
This recipe makes for an excellent tapas, an appetizer that is usually paired with beer or some other alcoholic beverage. They are also wonderful as a pre-dinner snack or a light lunch.
Korean Beef and Broccoli Kebabs
We have been at the grill quite a bit this Summer and the dishes have been so perfect for the heat of the Summer when it's too warm to heat up the oven in the house.
Peruvian Beef Kebabs with Crazy Rice
Kebabs are an easy way to make a variety of food at one time, especially when the entire family decides to come visit. Not only do they look amazing with minimal effort, they taste even better!
Grilled Lamb Kabobs with Herbs de Provence
One of our favorite Spring time seasoning blends is Herbs de Provence, also known as Provencal herbs, Herbes de Provence and simply Herbs Provence.
Jamaican Jerk Grilled Chicken Kabobs
Jerk chicken is considered street food in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, so chicken kabobs on the grill seemed like a perfect way to enjoy this spicy dish.
Kofte Kebabs
Kofte is an umbrella term for a style of Middle Eastern cooking that starts with ground or minced meat mixed with onions and spices.