With about 19,000 different plant species claiming membership, legumes are the third most populous land-based plant family, coming in just behind #2—asters and #1—orchids. Legumes contain protein-building nitrogenic amino acids in their root nodes, so they are a terrific source of plant-based protein and make it easy to have regular Meatless Mondays. Usually low in fat and high in fiber, legumes are also a great option when planning Mediterranean diet-friendly meals, though you should check individual varieties of legumes for their specific nutritional information.

Easy Borracho Beans
Pinto beans were a staple in my house growing up. Easy to make, low fat, full of protein and fiber and budget friendly.
Pressure Cooker Pink Beans and Miso
Fall seems to be early this year in this part of Pennsylvania. Cool weather is setting in at the end of August and even though it's early, it seems like soup weather.
Red Red Sazon Stewed Peas
This delicious recipe was inspired by a dish called 'Red Red'. It's an African dish with black eyed peas and the 'red red' refers to red palm oil and tomatoes used in the dish.
Vindaloo Curry Spiced Bean and Tomato Soup
This spicy bean and tomato soup is sure to warm up even the frostiest day.
Black Beans and Mexican Chorizo
Chorizo is something that may be a confusing ingredient if you don't know that there is a difference between Mexican Chorizo and Spanish Chorizo.
Spiced Lentils
This is an almost perfect make ahead dish for those busy weeknights when you just can't seem to get home at a decent time but still crave a deli
Bean and Vegetable Soup
Making homemade soup doesn't have to be a time-consuming task! In fact its super easy making this winter staple.
Though kidney beans do not have a Southeast Asian origin, they have become crucial in the Indian diet, especially in the northern parts.
Spinach and Garbanzo Pasta
I'm always looking for recipes that are different and healthy, but still tasty and filling.
Sweet Chickpea Chili in Slow Cooker
Vegetarian chili is growing in popularity, and not just among vegetarians.
White Bean and Turkey Chili
Attention, turkey fans! The results are in at the Spices, Inc.
Red Beans and Rice
There is just something about cold weather and a big pot of beans. There are many bean recipes, but one of my very favorites is red beans and rice.