Korean Chicken Wings

Korean Chicken Wings
Korean Chicken Wings

We love chicken wings. And while we love the crispy thrill of deep-fried chicken wings, it can be incredibly messy to work a deep fryer at home. Happily for us and for our tummies, you can put your oven to work and end up with a satisfying pile of wings that are just right for casual dinners or game night snacks. Bonus! You won’t have to worry about how to get rid of quarts of spent cooking oil or clean up greasy spatter from the stove and countertops.

These wings are coated in a savory rub and baked first, then tossed in a sauce that features our Gochujang, a sweet and spicy Korean chili paste that's made from Korean Chili Flakes, or Gochugaru. Korean cuisine has become increasingly prevalent on the American culinary landscape, and one of the perks of this job is experimenting with these great flavors that are now available to us. Chicken wings are a great bridge for new flavors because they combine chicken’s mild nature with passionate fans that will try them in unexpected preparations. Get ready to dig in.

Prepare your chicken for the dry rub by patting the chicken wings as dry as possible with a lint-free towel or some paper towels. This will help the dry rub adhere to the skin and create a rich base of flavor for the wings. You can coat the wings with the dry ingredients by putting them in a large bowl and tossing them, or you can put them in a large plastic bag and shake them around. Make sure the wings are coated on all sides with dry ingredients, and then put them on your baking rack.

Using a baking rack will help facilitate air flow around the wings and create crispier wings overall. Make sure the rack you have is, indeed, a stainless steel rack that’s safe for oven use. Many of us have a cooling rack for cookies, but those racks often have a coating on them that shouldn’t go in a hot oven. If you don’t have an oven-safe rack, you can use a standard baking sheet. Just make sure to turn your wings half-way through the cooking time so they crisp up evenly on all sides.

Don’t coat the wings with any oil before putting them in the oven; the fat present in the skin will emerge during baking and provide more than enough fat to create a wing’s signature crust. When the skin has turned golden brown and they’ve been in the oven for 40 minutes, you can use a meat thermometer to make sure they’ve reached an internal temperature of 165°F or pull one apart to check the doneness of the meat. Toss them in the sauce you’ve prepared, put them on a serving platter and garnish with green onions. Serve them with Oi Muchim, a traditional cucumber salad, for tart contrast and a bit of extra crunch. You might want to make a double batch from the start; they’re so good they’ll be gone in no time at all!

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1. Preheat oven to 400°F.

2. Thoroughly dry chicken wings with a kitchen towel.

3. Combine baking powder, Granulated Brown Sugar, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Fine Sea Salt, and Ginger Powder in a large bag or bowl and shake or stir to combine.

4. Add wings to the bag or bowl and toss to coat thoroughly.

5. Cook wings in a 400°F oven on a baking rack, positioned over a baking sheet to catch drips,  for 45-55 minutes until golden brown.

6. While the wings are cooking, simmer the remaining ingredients (except green onions and Gochujang) over medium-low heat.

7. When the wings are almost done stir the Gochujang into the sauce and pour in a large bowl.

8. Remove wings from oven; toss in bowl with sauce. Garnish with green onions and serve.