In 1970, turkey consumption in the US hovered at about 8.2 pounds of turkey per person. Since then, turkey has gained popularity as a mild-flavored source of lean protein. Consumption has nearly doubled since then, and in 2020 the US population ate 16 pounds of turkey per capita. Turkey can be easily swapped into a chicken recipe, but with its slightly gamier taste, it can stand on its own against vibrant palates. Look for turkey specialties in strongly-flavored dishes, served with thing like Mexican mole sauces or grilled into burger-like patties in Israel, seasoned with spices and fresh herbs. If you want to experiment with whole turkey—or go Henry VIII and roast an entire turkey leg just for you—we have the spices and herbs that work best with turkey. We also put together our favorite seasoning blends for turkey so you can venture into the global aspects of turkey without worry!

Bourbon Maple Turkey Club Sandwich
There are recipes that are popular because they seem to be a perfect composition of special and ornate ingredients that all come together in a glorious symphony, like a
Spicy Garam Masala Turkey Burgers
The roots of how the spice blend Garam Masala came to be are ancient.
Turkey Sausage and Spinach Rice Bowl
When talking about building a bowl, we’ve made our opinion known that there’s some strange, indefinable quality that makes it feel… different than when you eat it off of a plate.
Italian Wedding Soup
Did you ever wonder why Italian Wedding Soup has been so named?
Classic Roast Turkey
Is anything more emblematic (or intimidating) when it comes to holiday meal prep than a perfectly browned roast turkey? For new and experienced cooks alike, turkey creates a special dread.
Ground Turkey and Cabbage Casserole
Cabbage. Maybe you like it, maybe not. Maybe you remember eating it at dinner in the form of cabbage rolls.
Turkey Sausage with Roasted Vegetables
This is a delightful twist on the dynamic duo of sausage and peppers. But instead of using fatty Italian pork sausage I opted for the leaner turkey sausage.
Turkey and Pumpkin Chili
Are you looking for ways to eat healthier? Then, like many others that have come before you, you're sure to find these "healthier light meals" tend to leave you starving shortly after.
Greek Lasagna
Phyllo instead of pasta and classic Greek ingredients give this dish a twist from traditional lasagna recipes.
Grilled Turkey Burgers
If you are looking for a healthier option for classic burgers on the grill, these turkey burgers are just the ticket.