These are not your father's ham and cheese sandwiches of yesterday year. Here you'll find a huge and tasty selection straight from our test kitchen. Sure some will be made with bread but others will be wrapped with lettuce, flat bread, or even a fresh pita. And yes we are going to try to sneak in a couple that are a bit more on the healthy side (we just can not help ourselves). But don't worry we won't tell anyone if they soon become one of your favorites!
Grilled Snapper Sandwich with Criolla Sella Remoulade
When looking to make an unforgettable fish sandwich, we recommend pulling these things together. Get your grill, some ripe tomatoes and sweet onions, and a firm filet of mild red snapper.
Grilled Cheese with Red Jalapeno Flake Butter
Is there a food that’s more comforting than an ooey, gooey grilled cheese sandwich, with loads of melty cheese hugged by toasty slices of buttery, golden-crusted bread? We think not.
NYC Styled Hot Dog with Porter Mustard
New York Hot Dogs are no nonsense hot dogs with a little bit of flair, and it’s the toppings that give it their classic New York style.
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
This is the kind of sandwich that other chicken parmesan sandwiches aspire to be. It’s rich, filling, juicy, spicy, cheesy, fragrant, and finishes with a bit of tart contrast.
Bourbon Maple Turkey Club Sandwich
There are recipes that are popular because they seem to be a perfect composition of special and ornate ingredients that all come together in a glorious symphony, like a
Asian Chicken Lettuce Rolls
Our Asian Chicken Lettuce wraps showcase a new blend, General Tso’s Secret.
Chilean Chacarero Steak Sandwich
Chacarero Sandwiches are  a traditional Chilean Street food.
Arepas Benedict
Arepas are a popular vessel for delicious street foods in many different Latin American countries.
Falafel Sandwich
Who knew that such a simple food would have such a controversial origin story?
Sabich-Eggplant Sandwich
This recipe is great if you are looking to feed a couple people. The recipe takes a little bit of time to make but the effort is not poorly spent- you will be amazed at the end result.
Piri Piri Halloumi Burgers with Citrus Slaw
In this grownup version of grilled cheese, you literally grill the cheese!
Gyro Sandwiches
The gyro, pronouned "YEE-ro", is a much-beloved Greek sandwich, traditionally made with layers of pressed and seasoned meat, cooked on a vertical skewer that can hold upwards to 100 pounds of mea
Spiced Sweet Potato Sandwich with Feta
Each component of this sandwich is seasoned nicely, which helps each individual ingredient stand out on its own in addition to tasting delicious in combination with everything else.
Chicken Muffuletta
Most states lay claim to a signature sandwich. Philadelphia, of course has the Philly cheesesteak.
Banh Mi Sandwich
We love a good sandwich. The Banh Mi (pronouced "bon me") sandwich takes it's influences from French and Vietnamese cuisine.
Open Face Tuna Melt with Lemon Pepper
During the winter, good, fresh seafood that doesn't break the bank can be hard to come by in most states. This is where a can or two of tuna can really come in handy.
Garden Cream Cheese Sandwich Spread
This is a quick and easy recipe for a creamy, garden cream cheese spread that will rival anything you can find in the supermarket.
Chicken Shawarma
Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish made with very thin cuts of meat, seasoned and threaded on skewers and grilled.
Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
Craving hot wings - but don't have the time to prepare them? This sandwich is a great alternative. Easy to set up for the slow cooker and quick to put on the table.
Jamaican Chicken and Mango Chutney Sandwich
For this quick and easy grilled chicken sandwich we were looking for some Caribbean flavor to balance the Homemade Mango Chutney and what could be better th
Greek Tacos with Dill Sauce
This is a surprising twist on standard beef taco recipes. We stuffed our seasoned beef into pita pockets, and topped it with a healthy bunch of vegetables and the salty spike of feta cheese.
Grilled Vegetable Pita
Get ready to fire up the grill and make yourself a veggie feast!
Thai Chicken Wrap
This Thai Chicken Wrap checks off a lot of boxes. It's quick and easy, healthy, and delicious.