The Mediterranean diet is lauded because it is, for the most part, easy, delicious, and nutritionally sound. Its recipes make terrific use of vegetables and healthy oils, lean proteins, and whole grains. It also allows for a wide variety of foods, since the Mediterranean region runs from the western tip of Europe and Africa, all the way east to Turkey. There are abundant herbs and spices that call the Mediterranean home, and even more that have been adopted through trade, conquest, and multiculturalism. Try mixing some individual ingredients together to put your own spin on some of these recipes, or try one of our Mediterranean-inspired seasoning blends for a tasty trip to that region’s sunny shores.

Marinated Smoky Feta
Feta cheese is the salty, strong, non-melting goat’s milk cheese from Greece. This dish makes outstanding use of feta’s porous structure, which allows the flavors in the oil to work deep into hea
Greek Zoodle Salad
Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, are gaining popularity with people who want healthier options for everyday foods.
Gyro Sandwiches
The gyro, pronouned "YEE-ro", is a much-beloved Greek sandwich, traditionally made with layers of pressed and seasoned meat, cooked on a vertical skewer that can hold upwards to 100 pounds of mea
Quesada Pasiega - Spanish Cheesecake
Spanish cheesecake, or quesada pasiega (kay-SAH-dah pah-see-EH-gah), is rich, satisfying, and laced with lemon.
Artichokes Al Ajillo
Artichokes al Ajillo, also called alcachofas al ajillo, is a great introduction to the world of tapas. This Spanish style of small plates eating has its roots in the 13th century.
Champinones Al Ajillo - Spanish Garlic Mushrooms
Champinones al Ajillo, or Spanish Garlic mushrooms, are a tasty recipe that can be made in just under twenty minutes.
Skillet Olive Bread
This is a no-knead bread that's easy on the hands and arms, and a simple introduction to yeast for the novice baker.
Albondigas - Spanish Meatballs
If spicy sauce and meatballs are your thing, this recipe is perfect for you.
Patatas Bravas
Do not be fooled by their small size, these potatoes pack a hugely flavorful punch.
Vegetarian Roasted Spanish Potatoes
These potatoes are perfect for those who are thinking about venturing into vegetarianism but are hesitant to give up meat.
Mediterranean Macaroni and Cheese
For this dish we have combined the exotic flavors of the Mediterranean with our classic American macaroni and cheese.
Roasted Eggplant Handpies
Almond flour is easy to use and highly nutritious.
Sicilian Cod
When we think about healthy eating, it really is about keeping things simple. Fresh, seasonal ingredients and flavorful seasonings make dinner time delicious and healthy.
Kalamata Olive Pizza
Without prescribing to any particular 'diet', we tend to gravitate towards what is commonly referred to as a Mediterranean diet, full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, olives, olive oils, fish and won
Homemade Marinara and Creamy Polenta
I have always been quite intimidated about making polenta.
Grilled Chicken Potato and Asparagus Salad
This is a great meal for those days when you want to have something light but filling, and it never hurts to have a grilled chicken salad recipe on hand.
Spiced Lentils
This is an almost perfect make ahead dish for those busy weeknights when you just can't seem to get home at a decent time but still crave a deli
Mediterranean Pitas
This colorful dish is perfect for a lunch or a lite dinner. Homemade hummus is so versatile, we use it for many different things.
Greek Lasagna
Phyllo instead of pasta and classic Greek ingredients give this dish a twist from traditional lasagna recipes.
Provencal Chicken
Americans eat chicken more than any other meat, and a part of meal planning at least once a week or more in most American households.
Greek Burger and Zaatar Carrots
Greek food’s popularity is on the rise in the United States.
Caprese Salad
It just doesn't get much easier than this.
Greek Tacos with Dill Sauce
This is a surprising twist on standard beef taco recipes. We stuffed our seasoned beef into pita pockets, and topped it with a healthy bunch of vegetables and the salty spike of feta cheese.
Greek Chicken Spinach Rice Casserole
Casseroles are great during the winter months, but what about summer? As the weather warms up, we turn to this lighter and healthier casserole for a comforting one-dish meal.
Spanish Saffron Chicken
Spanish saffron chicken is a delightfully colorful meal. The yellow lent to the dish from saffron is beautifully juxtaposed by the pitch black of the olives and the vibrant green of the peas.
Vegetable Paella
Paella is a dish that has its origins in Spain. In Spain's coastal regions, paella is a seafood extravaganza and features shrimp, squid, and mussels.
Mediterranean Salmon
What a great meal for a warm summer evening! Salmon on the grill with a no-salt herb marinade is a light and healthy dinner that doesn't have to be limited to summer dining.
Roasted Ajvar Salsa over Grilled Polenta
Almost every weekend you can find me out on the patio grilling family-sized bags of bell peppers, huge packs of whole portobello mushrooms and in-season vegetables to use throughout the week for va
Greek Lemon Chicken
Greek cuisine is often simple in preparation and complex in flavor. Greek food is typically not spicy and focuses on food that is fresh and in season.